The VMC offers a wide range of invasive surgery. Our veterinary doctors determine surgical support and perform co-ordinated treatment. Naturally, an earlier phone appointment should be made, prior to all the surgical procedures. More invasive and complicated surgery   is performed after examination of the pet patient. In order to confirm the right diagnosis,      the veterinarian staff expertises in diagnostic imaging and radiology. The veterinary doctors also assemble many other medical examinations which are basic to plan and perform the correct treatment. When it becomes necessary to admit a pet patient the VMC for surgical treatment, our staff will communicate all the necessary updates. Please, remember to have some extra time for admission procedures and also note that it is very important for animal patients to be prepared for having anesthesia or surgery, prior to clinic admittance. Our veterinary doctors will inform the pet owners how to prepare their animals for every single surgical treatment. The doctors will remain in constant touch with the pet owners throughout their animals’ stay at the VMC. After the surgery, our pet patients are provided with medical care until they are discharged from the clinic in order to return home.