The VMC provides precise ideas on animal health care  home routines which can help you keep your pets in perfect physical condition for many years. Following our veterinary doctors’ advice you can fight internal parasites threatening animals’ health as well as their owners’ physical condition. Our veterinary staff pays special attention to both proper and nice ambience, and also positive vibes in order to minimise any stressful feelings of the pets during their first time visit at the veterinary doctor’s surgery and first encounter with veterinarian procedures.       The veterinary doctors will consult you about the best possible preventive anti-parasite option for your pet. They will also schedule the next vaccination appointments.   Service:
  • Anti-infectious diseases vaccination
  • Health care protection against internal and external parasites
  • Periodic examination of blood and urine – suggested for animal patients suffering from chronic diseases and geriatric animal patients
  • Pharmacological contraception (estrous cycle prevention and animal birth control)
  • Anti-infectious diseases test